Data, Information, Knowledge

Data, Information, Knowledge

On this blog I showcase the essential techniques, approaches, data architecture, tools and tutorials on data analytics – all derived from experimenting in the domain.

An other aspect is information security: data is an asset for a company, protecting the business value is essential. Technical tutorials are presented for protection and security.

Though the science of statistics has been providing information for us through hundreds of years the Internet and the enormous data of blogs, visitor logs, e-commerce, social media and all network connected peripherals inducted the need for parallel machine procession of the data.

This field is not a new buzzword in IT – with raw data we can do nothing, with information and knowledge we are empowered to make decisions.

Data analysis can help to stop epidemics, react to environmental changes, strengthen national security, use natural resources efficiently, build self-driving cars, provide better focus groups for marketing and is creating a benefit in and providing a solution for thousands of problems around us.

Please check the posts of the blog – it details how the analysis environment is to be set up, what tools & techniques are good to solve specific kinds of problems, how the data should be governed securely and also details the steps of tutorial analysis projects.


Peter Kortvelyesi
Data Solution Architect, Consultant
Technical Informatics (MSc) – Economist
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