Data security on Android

The biggest data generator is in our pockets – so securing it to protect privacy is the very first step to do before starting to use a device.

Steps to secure Android

  • Remove all non-needed apps
    • Acquire root permissions on your phone (phone specific, use XDA forum)
    • Use Titanium Backup
      • Backup all your data
      • Freeze or uninstall all non necessary programs
        • Remove all which is vendor specific (Samsung, Sony, MIUI fork, …)
        • Remove all Google packages
    • Disable all unused or privacy wise dangerous services with Disable Services
      • If some vital functions are not working you can re-enable it
      • Regularly, apps with disabled services still work (e.g. disabling LocationAccess for Facebook app)



Source: XDA Forum

    • Use an alternative App Market
      • F-Droid‘s community is providing open-source apps for download with basic code checks. The followings are suggested
        • Keyboard: Android stock keyboard
        • Firewall: AFWall+
        • Mail: K-9 Mail
        • Browser: Lightning
        • Sync with CalDav and CarDav servers: DavDroid


    • Install a Firewall (AFWall+)
      • Only allow the absolutely necessary apps to connect to the Internet (Browser, Email client, Sync client)


    • Install a Connection Monitoring Tool (Network Connections)
      • Regularly monitor what tool sends data where


  • +1 (Advanced): Use an alternative open-source Android distribution – still do all above steps